State of Hawaii Animal Quarantine

Bringing Pets to Hawaii

​Things to consider if you are planning a move to Hawaii with pets from the mainland/continental United States. For further information of the State of Hawaii Animal Quarantine Division see link:


General Checklist

  • Pets will need their rabies shots and a blood sample for a titer test prior to arriving in Hawaii.
  • Prior to arrival into Hawaii: A puppy or kitten receiving its first rabies shot at 3-4 months of age, waited 31 days from the first shot, and a 2nd rabies shot is administered before it is due, working out to 31 days between the two shots, submit a blood sample for FAVN testing, between the two shots and HOPE a passing result is achieved. The FAVN test can be submitted between the two rabies shots, but the possibility of failing is greater with only one rabies shot received.
  • Complete a waiting time of 30 days after blood is submitted to the testing lab and/or rabies shot depending on which procedure was completed last.
  • ​Submit all supporting, original documents meeting the requirements and program fee to Oahu’s main office, more than 10- days before arriving in Honolulu, Oahu.​

From the State of Hawaii Animal Quarantine Division

How do I qualify my dog or cat for the 5-Day or Less quarantine?

There are several pre-shipment requirements that must be completed to qualify for the 5 Day or less quarantine (for more detailed information, please see the Rabies Quarantine Brochure).

  1. The pet must have been administered at least two (2) rabies vaccines in its lifetime. The second vaccination must have been administered no less than 30 days after the first vaccination.
  2. In addition, the most recent vaccination must have been given no less than 30 days, and no more than 12 months prior to arrival in Hawaii for 12-month licensed vaccines and no less than 30 days and no more than 36 months prior to arrival in Hawaii for 3-year licensed vaccines.
  3. The pet should be microchipped for identification. The microchip is required to identify the pet with the blood sample.

4. A blood sample must be sent to an approved laboratory for the OIE-Fluorescent Antibody Serum Neutralization Test (OIE-FAVN), which tests for the adequate response to the rabies vaccine. A test result >0.5 IU/ml is required.

5. The pet must complete the required waiting period from the date the laboratory receives the blood sample before it may enter the state under the following programs:

      1. 5 Days or less quarantine – requires a 30-day pre-arrival waiting period.

If the pre-arrival requirements are not met, then the pet will not qualify for the program and must complete a lengthier quarantine program.

Quarantine Stations

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